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Wednesday, October 17th, 2012 01:01 AM


Once upon a time I was playing a Tesla show in Canada when Kent Goodson and Pat Boone from The George Jones band came to see us.  The next thing you know us three were on a pontoon boat in Nashville fulfilling a dream I’ve always had writing country music songs.  You can hear more about us getting together on the bonus tracks of our EP available here soon.

I’ve wanted to do a country project since my early days of growing up in Oklahoma and with the help of a couple of buddies of mine it’s now reality.   Kent played with George Jones for 28 years, and Pat still runs sound for George now for over 9 years, and I have been the lead singer for Tesla for over 25 years now.

We hope that this EP will allow us to record a full length studio recorded in Nashville Tennessee!

Put on your cowboy hat and chime on in.  There is a lot more yet to come.


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